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Dave Page's wife was Bridget Healy. She was born and grew up with 13 brothers and sisters in Phibsboro, Dublin. Her youngest brother was Sean Healy - the boy Healy - was the youngest martyr of the 1916 Rising. Born at Phibsboro, Dublin 1901, he was educated at the adjacent St. Peter's N.S. On leaving school he apprenticed to the plumbing trade with his father and at thirteen years of age he joined the Fianna Eireann. On Easter Sunday night he helped his father to move arms and ammunition in preparation for the Risihg. All day on Monday he waited expectantly for his mobilisation orders. But he waited in vain, as the Fianna executive has decided that the younger boys was not be called upon. On tuesday morning he decided to go out and fight without orders. So he made his way across town and reported for duty to Commandant Thomas McDonagh in Jacob's Factory, near Aungier Street.

Some hours later he was given an urgent dispatch to carry to the officer commanding at Phibsboro Bridge. On his way he stopped at his home to let his mother know that he was safe and well. He left home within a few minutes and he had travelled only a short distance when he was shot at Byrne's Corner, Phibsboro. As he lay falally wounded his dying words were: "God bless the Volunteers".

On the 90th Anniversary was an Unveiling of a Memorial Plaque to Fianna Eireann Boy Sean Healy, mortally wounded at Phibsboro Road, April 1916.

The 1916 Rising was one of the most important events in Ireland and the world of the 20th Century. A small number of idealistic Irish people callenge the might of one of the most powerful empires in history. Today we honour one of those people involved, Sean Healy, a lad of fifteen summers. It has taken over two years to get here today.

It shouldn't be like this as we need to remember our history and to learn from it and to honour people like Sean Healy who took part in it. The 1916 Rising is for all the people of Ireland and it should be all inclusive. I want to thank a number of people who donated money to the funding of the plaque which includees: The National Commemoration Community, Carroll / Ashe Sinn Fein Cumann in Cabra and a number of private individuals. I want to thanks Palmer Etchings, Joe Welan, to name but a few and Dublin City Council paving department and arts and culture department led by Phillip McGuire. The freedom flame was lit by people like Sean Healy, let us enhance it and fulfill these dreams in the years to come.

As bobby Sands siad: "Everyone has a part to play, young & Old".

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